Hey there! Welcome to Inclusively Stories! I know what you’re thinking. Another book blog? What makes this blog different than all the others?

Well, first off, I don’t have time to read as much as I’d like nor am I dedicated enough to write about every book I DO get to read (I’m far too lazy!).

Therefore, based on the above, I decided to start a book blog on my monthly YA book club. But instead of just reviews, I’ll also provide summaries of the discussions that emerge from each meeting. What makes it even more interesting is the fun mix of friends who are part of this Boston-based, six degrees of friendship book club. We come from different backgrounds, careers, and places, but what brings us together is our love of reading YA and eating delicious food while we chat!

So let’s meet the Readers:

  • Zaynah, The Writer
    • MFA fiction writer working in instructional design
  • Sarah, The Artist
    • Art and history lover with a masters in higher education
  • Fareeha, The Adventurer
    • MIT mechanical engineer with a penchant life’s adrenaline rushes
  • Liz, The Teacher
    • Middle school teacher and Austen fangirl with an impressive collection of teas
  • Suchita, The Poet
    • Bollywood loving poet from the land of Tim Hortons
  • Stephanie, The Traveler
    • Athletic engineer afflicted with the perpetual travel bug